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Welcome to 80 Acres and a Book blog. I'm Stephanie, aka Steph.

At 80 Acres and a Book blog, I review Christian and secular fiction books. I also review nonfiction books, such as cookbooks and craft-related books. I receive no monetary compensation for my reviews. I am not responsible for the views of the authors I interview or for the contents of their books. My views are entirely my own.

I also like to share a bit about our life on our 80 acre farm.
You may follow this blog, if you want to read my book reviews as I post them. Simply add yourself as a follower.

If you're an author and would like me to review your book, I'd love to. I also interview authors, so contact me via email and we'll 'talk'.

Please visit my author's blog, Sand & Pearls II, if you care to. There, you'll find free writing lessons and other writing-related posts, links, and information. (Historical/Regency-related, for the most part.)

Stephanie aka Steph

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