Friday, July 1, 2011

The Lady of Bolton Hill by Elizabeth Camden

The Lady of Bolton Hill
By Elizabeth Camden
ISBN: 978-0-7642-0894-2
ISBN-10: 0-7642-0894-2
Number of pages: 336
Publication Date: Jun. 11

Publisher: Bethany House

True love never dies!
Clara, the lead character, holds true to her beliefs regardless of the trials life slings at her. And the love she carries in her heart for her childhood sweetheart, a man whose own life has proven difficult and embittering, remains strong in spite of distance and the passage of time. At the beginning of this story, Clara’s faith in God and love for Daniel endeared me to her. And so, I read on.
Daniel, the secondary character, is very much real in the way he allows the hardships of life to embitter him. Bitterness is never pretty, even in fiction. Daniel’s anger and determination to prove himself parallel the feelings and actions of fallible human nature. Daniel and Clara are alive with genuineness because often they aren’t very likable characters. I found Clara a bit much to take. Would a ‘lady’ of that era actually act with such brash self-assurance? I don’t think so! But then, none of us are perfect, and if I’m complaining about Clara’s personality, then the author did a good job writing this character. Clara got to me. She made me mad at times, and sometimes she made me cry. That is the mark of a well-written character!
Just a mild complaint though. I absolutely cannot get parts of the dialog out of my head! It did not ring true to the historical setting of the story. This book has the ‘feel’ of a Christian contemporary romance, yet it’s historically set. Of course, I’m a stickler for properly written dialog, manners, and conduct within the confines of a historically set story, so don’t mind my nitpicking.
One woman’s faith in God and her love for her childhood sweetheart prevail in the face of disillusionment and difficulty. That is why I continued reading this ‘historical’ story regardless of its contemporary spin. I so wanted Clara and Daniel to overcome their adversities. Did they? You’ll have to read the story to learn that for yourself.
Suffice it to say that, redemption through God is available for us all. The author aptly shows this through the lives of her characters. Clara and Daniel aren’t perfect, but I still hoped they would overcome their trails. If you like historical romance, this really isn’t a terrible read. Pick one up today, and enjoy Clara's and Daniel’s story.
More about the author
Elizabeth Camden is a multi-published author and a research librarian and associate professor. She holds a master’s in history as well as one in library science. She lives with her husband in Orlando, Florida. Visit her website at

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